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5 Tips to Help You Choose Perfect Flooring for Your Home

Most homeowners are known to concentrate on the feel and decor of their homes. However, flooring has a major role in the ambiance, feel and look of any room. The perfect flooring for your house will be determined by your financial muscle, lifestyle and the amount of traffic the floor will be subjected to. Here are five important tips you should consider whether you are choosing new flooring or renovating an existing one.

1. Lifestyle

One of the most significant factors you need to consider when choosing flooring for your house is your lifestyle and that of your family. In case your family has a heavy traffic, kids or pets, installing a plush carpet will not be ideal. For heavy traffic floors, consider resilient flooring such as wood, ceramic tile or vinyl flooring. In case your home has minimal traffic and you enjoy the underfoot softness, having carpets or area rugs over the wood flooring might be the best option. Ensure you buy your flooring products from a reputable and licensed wood flooring supplies to ensure you get quality products.

2. Location in your House

The flooring at the entry or foyer of your house should have a “wow” factor although they have to be durable to the outdoor elements. For example, if mud, snow and rain are factors in the entry to your house, you should consider installing durable flooring such as wood, slate or tile. You should ensure you place entry mats outside your house to help in removing most of the outdoor moisture. This will help in keeping your floors cleaner. However, flooring in the kid’s bedroom should be comfortable with bare foot. Flooring in bathrooms, laundry and utility should be capable of resisting water. Laminate and hardwood flooring is not recommended for use in areas with high moisture since warping and damage can easily occur.

3. Eco-Friendly

Would you be interested in having flooring that is friendly to the environment and has a great look? You should consider having either cork, glass tiles or bamboo wood flooring. Each of them has a unique property. For example, the cork flooring is great in absorbing sound but not well for people in high heels. In case you have industrial or loft type at home, you can use stained or concrete flooring which are also friendly to the environment.

4. Budget

The cost of installing the flooring is an important factor you need to consider when choosing the type of flooring. Just like any other thing, the material cost depends on the quality. Ceramic, slate and tile are more expensive but they need less cleaning efforts and maintenance. They are capable of staying in good condition for decades without the need of replacing or repairing them. Laminate and wood have become affordable in the recent past.

However, synthetic products are slightly cheaper compared to their organic counterparts. Never forget about the pad beneath whenever you are shopping for carpets.

5. Maintenance  

The last thing you need to consider is the flooring maintenance. In case you are interested in having a lavish new floor, consider if you will be capable of maintaining the flooring or treating it as a chore. The type of flooring you decide to install on your house floor will influence the amount of work you will be doing.  Resilient flooring such as vinyl tiles, sheet vinyl and laminate flooring require little maintenance. Frequent mopping around will keep them looking good. However, you will still have to address any type of spillages in order to prevent the stains from setting in.

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