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All You Need to Know About Hardwood Floor Installation

Hardwood floor installation is a job that requires experience, talent, and knowledge. It is not an easy task that should be done by the do-it-yourself homeowner. There are many factors to consider before choosing any type of flooring. There are dozens of hardwood floor styles and colors to choose from so it just makes sense to get expert advice. A reputable installation expert should be called from the beginning of the project until the end. Homeowners will be much happier with the job when it is completed by experienced flooring technicians.

There is more to ripping out old flooring than one would first think. This is the first step to getting those shiny new hardwood floors that you dream of. The old floor must be carefully uninstalled so as not to damage the subfloor. Any damage must be repaired and this adds cost to the bottom line. The type of subfloor will determine the hardwood floor installation. Flooring experts will do a thorough inspection to see if the new floors need to be nailed, glued, or floated. This is a critical step because you want your wood planks to be installed properly.

Once the experts have done their inspection, they will recommend a specific type of hardwood floor such as solid wood or engineered wood. The homeowner will then choose their favorite flooring type. Remember to think about how much traffic the floors receive and whether pets will be running on the floors. This will help make the decision. You don’t want your floors scratched up the first day that they are installed because your dogs are running and playing on them. Remember to buy the wood that you know you are going to love for many years because you will be stuck with it once it is installed.

Hardwood floor installation is a terrific way to update an outdated home. It is a nice update that can add tremendous value to a house. New homebuyers will be happy to see hardwood floors as opposed to carpet. There is a lot that goes into these new floors so it is wise to get help from the experts who know hardwood floors. In the end, it is your home, and you must absolutely love your new hardwood floors.

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