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The Advantages and Disadvantages of owning a dark Hardwood Floor

Dark brown hardwood floors have a timeless quality and will never seem to go out of fashion any time soon. Dark hardwood floors are very appealing to homeowners, but real estate experts stress that they are only suitable for light and airy homes, with light colors to balance out the darkness that brought by the floor. Regardless, these floors make any room look amazing when paired with light colored walls and/or cabinetry to create a high-class theme in the home.

There are many other things to consider when installing the best dark engineered wood flooring London has to offer, and we will describe them to you as below.

First of all, dark hardwood is notorious for being tough to keep clean and well maintained. Dark floors look gorgeous when you first install them, but keeping them looking that way is another story. Any mark, big or small, light or heavy, can get easily noticed. Dust is also very noticeable on dark flooring as well. Homeowners can attempt to install a more scratch-resistant wood floor, such as Brazilian Cherry. But the fact of the matter is all hardwood does not last forever. With frequent foot traffic, a floor can only last you so many year before it is time to have it replaced.

Over the course of the flooring, you will tend to get nicks, scrapes, and scratches on your floor, and these scratches will be more visible than scratches on lighter flooring options, even if you try to remedy these scratches yourself. In order for scratches and marks to truly be hidden, the grain of the wood has to be the same, dark color as the exterior. As you consult with experts of engineered wood flooring in London, you can try to alleviate some of these problems.

Another thing to try to avoid is finishing the floor with a high-gloss finish. A glossy, polished hardwood floor will look very ritzy in the home however a glossy finish will further highlight every scratch and trace of dirt more so than non-finished floors. Instead, ask about a satin finish for your hardwood floor, for the closer you get towards a “matte” style finish, the less light reflection that will occur. Light will appear smaller and blurrier on these floors, giving the floor less of a gloss and more of a matte.

Of course, you can consider a tone of floor that is one shade lighter, so that many irregularities will be harder to notice. A color such as a chestnut brown can look equally as nice as a darker brown, and will be more forgiving. You can also decide to install a hardwood floor in more than one color, so that you can have a unique pattern across the room, which will make markings harder to spot.

You can treat a wood floor in one of two different ways. You can decide to be that aggressive homeowner that has a strict cleaning regimen to make your hardwood floor as spotless as possible, or you can accept wood flooring for what it is, a natural interior designing resource that can gracefully age. Either of the options can be appealing and it all depends on what you ultimately want in a hardwood floor. An aging floor can appear to look more rustic and vintage, so if that is the look you want to go for, an aggressive clean is not required. That is one sense of appeal that a dark hardwood floor can offer, and the same cannot be said for most options of lighter wood flooring.

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