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Why Hard Wood Floor?

Hardwood floors are beneficial in a number of ways.

If properly installed and well maintained, hardwood flooring will last up to 250 years. Unlike carpets, it will not stain or get dirty. Most importantly, with the aesthetic value, a real hardwood floor will hugely increase the worth of your property. With the huge range of species and patterns available, your home will become far more desirable to potential property buyers.

People who suffer from dust allergies will also be more inclined to install hardwood flooring. Carpets are home to Dust Mites, which are invisible to the human eye but can cause allergic reactions in people. In this, people’s lifestyle would improve by replacing dusty carpets with new hardwood floors, providing a cleaner and healthy environment to live in.

There are also financial benefits to be had from hardwood flooring. The aesthetic value of hardwood flooring is timeless in that it is an investment. Estate Agents maintain that properties with hardwood flooring will not only hold their value better, sell (or let) faster, but most importantly, will yield higher prices. This is because hardwood flooring is associated with quality and the overall image of the property will benefit. House sellers are therefore advised when selling their property to mention hardwood flooring in the property specifications, as it will attract a greater number of viewings.

Additionally, hardwood flooring has positive impacts on the environment, not to mention reducing the symptoms of an allergy sufferer as mentioned above.
The environment is important to us at Alpine House and consequently, we strive to adhere to environmentally friendly procedures. In this, we minimize the use of all materials and energy during the progress, manufacturing, distribution, marketing and sale of all of our products. We also endeavor to utilize renewable and/or recyclable materials whenever possible.

Hardwood flooring conveys a natural appearance and it is because of this that we import all our raw materials from well-managed forestry where nature and the environment can be sustained.

Wood Flooring GB exhibits an abundance of flooring, which enables a number of environmentally friendly options, such as engineered wood.

Most importantly, Wood Flooring GB only commission wood from foresters that sign up to environmental responsibility, social concern and economic sustainability.