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Sanding & Finishing

If you have been planning a make over for your floors because they are looking old and depleted, it can be easily ripped off and re-sealed. The colours can also be changed as per the theme of the room. Wood Flooring GB, uses the latest technology i.e floor sanding machines that gathers 90-95% of dust, and a huge range of colours, oils and lacquers to give a stunning professional finish to the floors. Sanding and sealing is a very cost efficient method that makes the floors look as they were new.

Wood Flooring GB offers their customers special service of sanding and varnishing their existing floors.

There are two types of finish – oil wax and lacquer.

Both of them are durable and easy to maintain. The difference is that the first one has a matt finish where as the latter one has a glossy finish.

Wood Flooring GB also offers staining service. We can stain the existing floor for you according to your requirement and then apply a finish on the top.