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Interesting Wood Flooring Ideas

Hard wood floors are known for being some of the most classic and beautiful flooring options you can possibly get. It’s this widespread design acceptance versatility that keeps them at the top of the flooring game. Almost everybody has dealt with hardwood floors at one time or another. This is because they are also one of the longest lasting flooring options anywhere.

They were first used when houses were first being constructed on a long-term basis. The settlers actually looked-for materials nearby that they could use to build their homes. The outline trees were the perfect solution for their flooring. Of course, these planks were not necessarily finished or treated in any way. Now, the planks that are used are generally made from younger trees. This means that they require some sort of treatment in order to have the same sort of longevity that the original wood flooring had to it. The truth is, good wood flooring can last for hundreds of years. It’s entirely dependent on how well it’s taken care of and how many times it is sanded and refinished.

Some wood flooring only needs to be sanded and refinished once every 10 years. This means that thicker planks can last much longer than even their warrantees. Many flooring companies can only give warrantees for the length of time they believe their business will be open. So, 25 year warranty could simply be created for the longevity of the business and not necessarily for the flooring itself. You want to work with a company that has a lot of experience with hardwood and manufactured flooring. They’ll have the professionals available for installation, and that know how to get the job done correctly.

This becomes even more important when you’re interested in doing something a little bit different. You might be interested in varying the different widths of your planks, or even introducing a different color. This requires extremely accurate wood floor fitting done by people that understand exactly how the planks will interact with one another. It takes a very skilled craftsman to handle these types of ideas. When you speak with the company, be sure to let them know if you want something a little bit different or customized for your area. These are just a few unique ideas:

Parquet Flooring

This flooring may look like alternating tiles at first. In reality, these are actually different colored squares of wood flooring. People simply take a white plank and cut it into sections or you use several smaller ones to make the perfect squares. This is an excellent way to use wood flooring to create a classier image while still getting the durability and longevity of the material. This is great for entryways or any high-traffic areas in your home. It’s also much easier to replace the small sections that it is entire planks.

Creating Patterns Using Tile

If you have a tile design that you absolutely love, you may not want to lose the pattern when you change flooring types. By styling your wood flooring after the tile design, you can keep what you love while still changing to the materials that you want. Simply pull up the title one little piece at a time and stain the wood flooring beneath it, or lay the tile down and stain around the area in order to get the exact design that you’re looking for.

Painting the Floors

This doesn’t have to be as destructive as it sounds. You can choose to paint certain planks in alternating colors in order to tie the design of your room together. Or, you can paint and a design of your’ choosing if you feel that you are skilled enough.

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