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6 Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring a Wood Flooring Professional

Any homeowner would dream of owning a great house with a nice looking floor. Recent research reveals up to 60% of home owners in the UK prefer having wood floors in their homes.

The process of hiring a wood flooring expert to help install or refinish your floor can be a daunting. It is important you keep in mind that most if not all con men are usually amicable and convincing. However, you do not need to worry much as I have listed seven questions that will help you ascertain you are dealing with a reputable wood flooring professional.

These six questions will help you get valuable information that will help you choose a wood flooring company you can feel comfortable with and trust.

1. Detailed Quotation in Writing

Never accept a sheet of paper having a price on it but no details or any verbal quote. This will be a sure sign of frustration in case there is an agreement down the road. Ensure everything you have asked for are well written in the estimate. In case it is not in the estimate, there is a good chance it will not be included.

Wood flooring specialists will always take their time to come up with an easy to read and clear quotation. The quotation should explain what is included, the type of preparation you will need to do and what to expect from the floors.

2. The Home Address and Landline Number

The so called guarantees are never relevant if you cannot locate the person. Ensure all the business letter heads of the wood flooring companies have the directors’ name in case it is a limited company. If he or she is a sole trader, ensure you look for their home address and landline number. This will provide you with a level of comfort that you are dealing with a reliable and long term company.

3. Public Liability Insurance

It’s a fact that at times thing can go wrong no matter how reputable a company and its workers are. It is important you ensure you will be financially protected for any accident or damage that might occur.

It is important you ensure that your floor always has an up to date and proper public liability insurance that will be able to cover our property from natural disasters such as floods, fire and other damages.

Any reputable company will have this and provide you with a copy upon request. Never take any chance with companies promising you to forward the document later. You can as well forget and be left dealing with a company which aims in taking their chances with your property.

4. Tax Clearance Certificate

Without the tax clearance certificate, there are high chances you will be dealing with a ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ cowboy. It is similar to insurance, if it is not available; the company is definitely not reputable. Do not even bother allowing them inside your door.

5. References

Any home owner would be interested in working with an established company that has been in the industry for long. It is important that you work with a company having solid reputation and has a good track record for their previous clients. Always ask the company for references.

6. Specific Wood Floor Training

Having a great floor can cost you lots of money. You might have your expensive floor damaged by hiring an inexperienced wood flooring contractor. You need to think about how much you spent in putting up the floor before hiring a rogue contractor.

Will you need an inexperienced wood flooring contractor repairing your house floor?

Wood flooring is considered to be a very fine art that will require a high attention to perfect and will take you several years to perfect.

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